Партнеры команды КАМАЗ-Мастер
  • Liebherr develops and manufactures high performance components for the areas of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical drive and control technology. Since 2014, Liebherr diesel engines prove their reliability and performance in KAMAZ trucks for the Rallye Dakar. This underlines the strong partnership between Liebherr and KAMAZ in the areas of engine development and engine production. The experience from the racing trucks helps in making the Off-highway-proven Liebherr engines even better.

  • Since 2016 TOTAL Company has become a technical partner and supplier of lubricants for KAMAZ-master team. Within this partnership of “TOTAL VOSTOK” (sub-company of TOTAL corporate group in Russia) and KAMAZ-master carry out collaborative work oriented on sport success growth of the team and further improvement of TOTAL lubricants. Race and assistant trucks use engine and transmission oils and technical fluids under TOTAL trademark.

  • Close cooperation between the KAMAZ-master Team and the company Henkel has been going on for years opening wide possibility in the search for new technical solutions.

    Taking into account the requirements for a sport and serial truck KAMAZ and especially for the needs of the KAMAZ-master Team the technical experts of the company Henkel found technological solutions Loctite Teroson which contributed to the victory of people and vehicles in extreme rally conditions.


  • ZF

    ZF is a leading worldwide automotive supplier for Driveline and Chassis Technology. ZF and KAMAZ enjoy a partnership at the highest stage, because nowhere else can ZF demonstrate the capacity of its systems and components better than in motorsports. ZF not only supplies KAMAZ trucks for the road, but also for the very successful Rally Dakar trucks from KAMAZ. The experience gained in racing is used in research and development work for the automotive industry, providing many advantages for each and every truck driver.

  • WABCO and KAMAZ-master have enjoyed a strong partnership since 1997. We are proud of our long-standing support of KAMAZ and KAMAZ-master’s winning Truck Racing Team. It is a model of teamwork and high performance which demonstrates the high quality, reliability and durability of WABCO’s safety technologies in the most extreme and challenging racing conditions.

    WABCO provided KAMAZ-master Team with industry-leading technologies such as high-performance air compressors, wheel-end solutions, driveline controls, and brake cylinders. We are proud to contribute to KAMAZ-master’s continued success in international competitions.

  • Webasto (Germany) is a leading global manufacturer of automotive heating and HVAC equipment.
    Webasto Company and its Russian representative office Webasto Rus are technical partners of the KAMAZ-master Team from 2004.

  • Power-Packer Company is a supplier of hydraulic drives and systems for passenger cars, trucks, highway engineering and medical equipment.

    The company holds a leading position in the world on supply of cabin lifting mechanisms for trucks and servo systems for the hood of convertible cars.

    The company has manufacturing and research facilities in Europe, America and Asia, that allows to satisfy as much as possible customer needs, taking into consideration markets’ characteristics in various parts of the world.



  • Omnicomm, an international high-tech industrial company, is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of fleet management and fuel monitoring systems for various fleet management needs. The company is known for over 16 years of expertise in transport telematics with a strong focus on developing proprietary solutions in fuel consumption monitoring.

  • BorgWarner company is the technical partner of the KAMAZ-master Team for more than 15 years. BorgWarner Thermal Systems (Germany) department develops and supplies a cooling system "viscous-drive fan and a new generation electronically controlled fan clutch Visctronic" not only for the race KAMAZ trucks but also for serial KAMAZ trucks.

    www.borgwarner.com .

  • "Ekvinet" company is the exclusive representative of STAHLWILLE in Russia. The main activity of the company - a delivery of tools to enterprises of various industries, vehicle service stations and repair workshops - hand tools, small tools and other. The company also specializes on sale, installation and maintenance of process equipment (presses, welding equipment, diagnostic equipment, the equipment for conditioners).

    The overriding purpose of our company is the maximum satisfaction of customer needs. The company's slogan: "Quality is when clients, but not production, come back".



  • Orthopaedic Clinic of Academician Ilizarov for 7 years collaborate with the team of professional pilots KAMAZ-master. The collaboration began in 2006 when Ilgizar Mardeev was in the Kurgan hospital with a serious thigh injury. The director of the KAMAZ-master Team, Vladimir Chagin was also treated there. Now , former patients of the Ilizarov Center are in perfect physical shape and continue to participate in international competitions. Just a week before the start of the rally Dakar-2013 another crew member of the Russian team Andrey Karginov was treated in the casualty department of the center. Physicians task was to speed up the process of union of a bone and the patient's recovery.

  • 1 C

    Solutions of the company "1C" for management and accounting automation help the KAMAZ Group to take leading positions. Information system on a platform of "1C: Enterprise 8", launched in a number of enterprises of KAMAZ Group currently covers more than 7,500 jobs, includes solutions such as "1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management", "1C:                 Operations management ", "1C: Consolidation "," 1C: Motor transport Management "and provides the solution of the following tasks:


  • Old World Industries Inc. (OWI) is the largest manufacturer and distributor of automotive antifreezes and coolants in the United States for over 40 years.
    For several years, the coolants Fleet Charge and Final Charge Global of OWI production are supplied to the main production line of KAMAZ LLC for using on trucks with Cummins, Liebherr and Daimler engines.
    Starting from 2014, PEAK Chemicals LLC, being a representation of Old World Industries in Russia and CIS, has concluded an agreement on technical partnership and coolants’ delivery with the KAMAZ-master Team.