It is symbolic that activity dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the team was arranged on the Youth Day, traditionally held on Maidan square of Naberezhnye Chelny, and went under the moto: “Experience-to the youth!”  Coming to the festival people were met by an impressive exposition, first time performed in Naberezhnye Chelny – 8 race trucks, beginning from the first KAMAZ-4310C, that came out in far 1988, and finishing with bright colors of new livery - bolide KAMAZ-43509, that went down of building ways  of the team literally two days before the event. Famous race KAMAZ trucks, bringing 15 golden Dakar Bedouins and a lot of victories on many international races, “were blowing” heat of far continents for excited spectators. Where else you can see, for example, famous mid-engine layout prototype of KAMAZ, on which in 1996 the first victory on Dakar Rally was won! And where else you can get an autograph of one member of the starriest crew – mechanic Nail Bagavetdinov or younger champions – Eduard Nikolaev, Airat Mardeev, Andrey Karginov, Dmitry Sotnikov and Anton Shibalov and make selfie with seven-time winner of Dakar Vladimir Chagin – it worth much!      

There also was created an atmosphere of a real rally bivouac by four assistance trucks of the team. A big start arch and a springboard prompted fans (according to estimates of the police around 107 thousand people came to the festival), that ahead awaited an unforgettable performance.

And certainly KAMAZ-master managed expectations of their fans. Driving started from exhibition performance of young cart drivers. As a reminder, Chelny cart-club is now in charge of KAMAZ-master Team. Mentoring has been successfully developed for almost 3 years already.  Blistering virages of young sportsmen were completed with splitting pirouettes  on more powered carts of KZ series Dmitry Avdeev, Anton Shibalov    and Andrey Karginov.

And after this warming up two large-tonnage race bolides driven by two Dakar champions Airat Mardeev and Eduard Nikolaev performed miracles of synchronic drift. Impressive show received thunderous ovations of excited spectators. Culmination of driving performance was jumps from 35-meter springboard.  

Attended on the Youth day Deputy of State Duma Alfia Kogogina, mayor of the city Nail Magdeev and Minister of Youth Affairs of Tatarstan Damir Fattakhov thanked KAMAZ-master teamleader Vladimir Chagin for granted emotions.

“Today’s festival and our program are dedicated to the 30th anniversary of our team, - said in his reply Vladimir Chagin. – It is our homage to the native city and our dear republic for years of support and collaborative work for the good of our common victories. Looking back on 30 years of full of events history of the team, with great gratitude we remember all who were with us for all these years.  Many thanks to our fans, plant workers, management of KAMAZ, city and republic leaders, sponsors. Partners of today’s festival became old friends of KAMAZ-master Team – companies Korib, KAMAZ-trucks, Congress-Avia and RIAT. Group of companies Korib found, reproduced and presented our first race truck to the team! Only a team can do something impossible for one, a team is when all are together and look in one direction! Next half a year will be held under the guise of KAMAZ-master jubilee. We will move together to new victories!” 





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