• 22.07.2017

    The sportsmen passed the 14 stage of the Silk Way Rally. On the eve the special section was cancelled by organizers due to heavy rains, but anyway they had to meet the timing and reach the finish of the race. 


  • 20.07.2017

    “Due to the great number of huge dunes, the 12th stage will become one of the most challenging on the route”, - that is how the race organizers described today’s special and they were right. For some contestants dunes became an impossible target.


  • 19.07.2017

    The 11th stage of the rally should have become second with neutralization zone, but the first special section was cancelled as it ran through the protected nature reserve. In the very cancelled part there were dunes, so long-awaited by all participants to test their trucks and themselves.


  • 16.07.2017

    A long-awaited rest day in the Chinese city Urumqi started at 8 a.m. local time for KAMAZ-master Team. Covered with clouds, sky made the day very comfortable for work, and it was what the team was doing all day long – working.


  • 14.07.2017

    These two topics were mostly discussed after the seventh day of the rally.




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