• 15.06.2017

    KAMAZ-master Team announced the list of its crews, applied for the marathon Silk Way Rally-207. Four crews - crews of Eduard Nikolaev, Airat Mardeev, Anton Shibalov and Dmitry Sotnikov - will fight for the main trophy of the race – White Tiger. The crew of Andrey Karginov will miss the race as currently he is on a rehabilitation course after the trauma


  • 04.06.2017

    Last day of bakha `Volgograd` participants had to pass the same route as one of yesterday’s specials, but in the oppose direction. Last 145 kilometers were deciding in identifying leaders of the rally-raid `Great Steppe – Don`. There weren`t navigation problems as the track had already been rolled the day before. Under the training and test program two crews of KAMAZ-master Team passed the track accurately and without any halts.


  • 03.06.2017

    On the second day of the rally “Great Steppe – Don” two special sections with length of 145 and 169 kilometer awaited the sportsmen. First part of the track was laid on cross-country terrain with plenty of  balks, and easy field tracks were changed by barely noticeable ones. Long and dense grass of Volgograd steppes, not burned by the Sun yet, added navigational difficulties and unpleasant surprises to navigators. Therefore, particular vigilance was needed.  


  • 03.06.2017

    On Friday, June 2, official start was given to the Open Cup of Automobile and Motorbike Sport in Volgograd area `Great Steppe-Don`. More than 50 drivers, including a large number of sportsmen from Volgograd and its area, took part in it. Organizers of the competition were the region’s Committee for Physical Culture and Sports and Volgograd Regional Social Organization `Club of Amateurs of Off-Road Sports`.  


  • 30.04.2017

    Third and the last stage of the Bakha “Krym” (Crimea) was represented by two laps, 88 km each, and ended on the 30th of April. “Traditionally, I planned this special stage as a “navigator performance”, said Sergey Talantsev, the developer of the track, - today they will have a titanic job – a lot of heavily noticeable pathways, a lot of slopes into deep ravines, a lot of stones, which are described in the roadbooks.




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