• 18.07.2016

    After the 9th leg the whole podium in the truck classification was taken by KAMAZ-master crews. Airat Mardeev was first to win challenging dunes and impassibility from Urumchi to Hami at 50 degrees of heat.

  • 17.07.2016

    KAMAZ-master had a difficult day today. The team spent its birthday in the field, travelling from one Chinese city to another. At night in Bortala the time was changed for local (difference with Moscow +5 hours), the sportsmen had to wake up much earlier than usually in order to get on time for the start. The second week is becoming more challenging. Day by day it becomes harder for the contestants to move forward. Racers passed a serious distance 900 km long to get to the bivouac, 256 km of them was a special section.

  • 17.07.2016

    The yesterday leader of general classification Eduard Nikolaev #310 descended to the 7th position after the seventh leg. A serious breakdown on the route from Almaty (Kazakhstan) to Bortala (China) made Eduard finish the 21st.

  • 14.07.2016

    Only at 6 a.m. mechanics could finish their work on July, 14. The ”Blue Armada” could leave for the start of the 6th SWR stage right on time. They passed 300 km on usual roads to the special. They went round Lake Balkhash then drove deeper to the steppe. A strong wind raised swirls of dust and roughed up the lake. You could even feel salt on your lips.

  • 13.07.2016

    Race truck of Eduard Nikolaev #310 came to the finish of the SWR stage on a high speed. A black colour of the test bonnet truck was hardly seen under dust and birds’ feathers. Eduard went out of the cab wet as if after a shower and immediately asked for water. 

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