• 18.08.2016

    Ouninpohja, Finland, - this WRC special section is so impressing that the Scotland rally racer Colin McRae named his horse after it. But recently on that section there was a competition between other horse powers.

  • 09.08.2016

    On 6 August 2016 IX Sports Festival of VTB took place on the territory of Locomotive stadium. The regular corporate event collected VTB teams from 7 countries. This year more than 900 sportsmen took part in team and individual competitions. All in all 4000 people visited the event.

  • 25.07.2016

    Crews of Airat Mardeev #306 (1 place) and Dmitry Sotnikov #300 (2 place) got long-desired trophies for their win in the race. Now two bronze white tigers will join the collection of “Blue Armada”. The symbol for the race has a reason behind it. You can meet white tiger in Russia and in China as well. The tiger symbolizes bravery and strong spirit. This symbol inspired and protected sportsmen during the whole adventure.  

  • 23.07.2016

    Тill the last day of the race it wasn’t clear who would win in the truck category. The 14th stage promised to put the things right. For the final leg the caravan was to go across the desert, endless dangerous dunes. Sportsmen were surprised that the sands spread for 70 km without a single oasis. All the contestants found the stage perfect for the final.

  • 22.07.2016

    KAMAZ-master crews have never been so close to win on the Silk Way Rally. Today, on the 13th leg between Chinese cities Alashan and Wuhai they consolidated their leading positions finishing one by one and showing the best time.

    Eduard Nikolaev #310 showed the best result of the day. Airat Mardeev #306 was second and Dmitry Sotnikov #300 took the third position. 

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